Orchard Park Master Plan and Phase I Development,
City of Hillsboro Park and Recreation Department

We assisted the City of Hillsboro Parks and Recreation Department with development of a Master Plan and construction documents for this 22-acre site along Rock Creek. Three design alternatives were generated in concert with a detailed site analysis. These alternatives were presented in public meetings with the preferred alternative being approved by METRO. Design elements of the park include a regional trail, an ADA-accessible path, two pedestrian bridge crossings, an interpretive boardwalk, planting design, irrigation, parking, and site utilities. We continued our service for the site through wetlands delineation, permitting, and preparation of the construction documents. We used sustainable design practices for the entire project, including the use of bioswales treating the stormwater runoff from grass-crete parking lots. No pipes or discharge to underground storm systems were utilized. Construction was completed in early 2003 and this project won the 2003 Oregon Recreation & Parks Association Design Award.